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In business, and in life, the difference between good and great is usually reflected in one’s ability to go the extra degree. The extra degree makes all the difference.

We have challenged each of our employees to go “the extra degree” in safely building quality, service, and innovation into everything we do.

SAFETY—We consider the safeguarding of our employees, customers, business associates, and the public to be a core value and at the heart of everything we do. We appreciate the commitment of our employees as well as our customers’ efforts to improve jobsite safety. Please support our employees’ efforts to keep safety on TRACK as they:

Think through the task
Recognize the hazards
Assess the risks
Control the hazards
Keep safety first in all tasks

QUALITY—Since our company’s beginning, we have strived to deliver products and services of the highest quality. We ensure the quality of our products and services through our outstanding team of talented employees and are gratified to regularly receive quality incentives, awards, and bonuses.

SERVICE—Aamal customer service is a hallmark of any great company and we recognize that this is an area where we can continually improve. We welcome your comments and feedback to help us better serve you. Please talk with your sales representative or visit us online at: www.aamalreadymix.com

INNOVATION—The production and delivery of our products and services presents many opportunities to innovate. Many of our customers have found our fully automated process to be very valuable. Our team is constantly on the look-out for innovative solutions to work more efficiently and to provide value to our customers.

We recognize that our customers have many alternatives for ready-mixed concrete and construction services. Thank you for making Aamal Readymix your Preferred Source. We look forward to serving you and hope all the best for you.


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Parveez Aslam
General Manager
Aamal Readymix