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Safety Strategy


With a view to achieving our stated objectives we take safety as a matter of importance and intend to actively manage all health and safety issues at all stages of activity by:

i) Identification of hazards
ii) Assessing the hazards
iii) Planning for controlling the hazards & initiating risk management program
iv) Monitoring compliance and seek further improvements
v) Communication of agreed safety methods of operation.

Aamal Readymix has produced this health and safety plan to serve as a reference point regarding safety management for all parties involved in our activities and it will be updated as and when required.

Key issue in the implementation of this plan is seen as:-

i) Provision of competent management resources
ii) Exertion of close control over all operations
iii) Good communication using verbal, written and visual methods
iv) Cooperation between all parties concerned
v) Securing the commitment of every one concerned to the success of safety measures in our business activities.
vi) Application of penalties against those who infringing on health and safety rules.

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