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Aamal Readymix Concrete's Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department exists to respond to our customers needs for concrete products that are easily placed and perform according to your expectations. We employ quality personnel who have the education, training, and experience to provide you the expertise necessary for your concrete questions and needs. From specification review, mix designing and proportioning, performing trial mixes and statistical analysis, to job-site placement, our challenge is to supply you with products that are both superiorly functional and cost-effective.

Today's fast-paced construction requires efficiency and labor saving measures. We strive to keep pace with our customers needs by using the latest technology available, both in product quality and delivery. We provide:

We have numerous performance mixes and are the market leader in all high-strength concrete. Whether you need concrete for a patio or a skyscraper, we can help. Our high-strength and performance concrete are designed to help improve strength and durability, make ease placement and finishing, provide dependable initial set times, as well as reducing your costs. We provide only the best. From projects start to end, the company truly believes in High quality and in time Readymix supply service. Consistent focus on direction, and a strong commitment to excellence, has resulted in making us one of the leading Readymix Supplier Companies in the Qatar. Our expertise ranks us first in the field of Readymix Supply. We have to our credit, an innovative approach, a commitment to excel in what ever we under take.

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